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F.A.Q. – Everything you need to know about booking

2018. May 11. Friday, 07:39 - trvlmnky
  • We are not a travel agency, just a platform where we share deals we think you might be interested in. The booking has to be done by you.
  • The cheapest available deals will be posted on Facebook. At a different time it would be more expensive.
  • The prices available at the time of posting. As the time goes by(even after minutes) the price might be increasing because other members booked before you.
  • Hotels can be booked by clicking on the link and always appears for two people.
  • You can book your flight through the given link(can be an online travel agency or a direct link to the airline). Sadly we canít do the booking instead of you but we are always happy to help. It is recommended to use Google Translate for a foreign language website.
  • In most cases(especially with cheap airlines) the price only contains a carry-on baggage. Any other services can be reserved for extra charges.
  • Unless otherwise shown, the price doesnít contain transfer and services.
  • If you were lucky enough to catch an ìError fareî it is always recommended to wait couple of days with booking other services(car rental, hotel, etc.) because the tickets can be cancelled. In this case the money you have paid will be returned.

What does it look like in practice?

Let me show you by an example.

Date: 14-20 September
Budapest ñ Mallorca [Wizzair] 8.990/6.090 Ft
Mallorca ñ Brussel [Ryanair] 32 Ä
Brussel ñ Budapest [Wizzair] 10 Ä
Hotel: Low cost CH, EL Arsenal 28.000 Ft/person for 6 nights

It means you need to book your flights on and
On you need to change the date to 14. September and set up the Budapest ñ Mallorca route. When the deal has been posted the price was 8.990 Ft without club card and 6.090 with club card.
The next flight need to be booked on Change the date to 20. September and you need to look for Mallorca ñ Brussel route. If there is more than one flight on the selected date, always leave at least 2 hours for the change.
The last flight has to be booked on way like first time).
After booking the flights you can carry on with the hotel. You can find your hotel by clicking on the link above. Donít be surprised if the prices are the double of your expectation, these are always shown for two people.

Luggage restrictions and prices

Wizzair: 1 piece of 55x40x23 cm (21.6×15.7×9 inches) Hand luggage is free(Since 29. October 2017)
Checked-in bag (20kg) between 5.150 and 17.600 Ft(depends on the date and route)
Checked-in bag (32kg) between 6.750 and 21.800 Ft(depends on the date and route)

Ryanair: 1 piece of 55x40x23 cm (21.6×15.7×9 inches) and 1 piece of 35x20x20(13.7×7.8×7.8 inches) are free(if you buy Priority boarding, you can carry 2 pieces of 55x40x23 cm (21.6×15.7×9 inches) for free)
Checked-in bag (20kg) between 14.000 and 21.000 Ft(depends on the date and route)
If you donít buy priority boarding, your Hand luggage might end up between the checked-in bags. Worth to read our article about this.

You also can find good offers if you combine flights and hotels.
Always compare the prices before booking.

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