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TOP10 things to see in Corfu (with map)

2018. May 11. Friday, 21:32 - trvlmnky
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Only half an hour by boat from the Albanian shore, there lies the nearest Greek island, Corfu. This makes it one of the favorite destinations for nature lovers. It’s famous for it’s various wonders, such as the beautiful beaches, great hiking spots, pleasant mediterranean climate, lovely nature,and very friendly locals. A mix of Greece and Italy, wonderful, is the best way to describe it.

1. Corfu, the city

The cobblestone alleyways create a Medieval atmosphere, with a Venecian and French style. In the centre of the town there is the green Esplande Square,  which is perfect location for relaxing. Around the old town, there are two forts, with great views, be sure to visit both. From the port of Corfu you can easily get to the Greek mainland or Albania.

2. Achilleion

About 6 miles away you’ll find the summer residence of the empress Sissi, a white neoclasicist style mansion. You can go inside, but don’t miss it’s beautiful garden with palm trees and monuments, where you can experience the queens idillic lifestyle.

3. Paleokastrica

One of the most beautiful parts of the island is Paleokastrica, with coves, crystal clear water and both stony and sandy beaches. For the most beautiful sight, you’ll have to visit the 13th century monastery built on a mountain nearby.

4. Angelokastro

The ‘Angel Castle’ near Paleokastrica has been the most important castle in the history of Corfu. It stood against the Turkish army, as well as pirate attacks. An amazing view is waiting for those who visit the castle which is built on a 305 meter high cliff.


5. Sidari

Sidari is a holiday destination without historical monuments, but has an exceptionally beautiful landscape. Gorgeous beaches, brilliant restaurants, bars and other entertainment await the visitors.


6. Kassiopi

In the North Eastern part of the Island you’ll find a fishing village called Kassiopi, which retained its traditions even after it became a popular destination for tourists. You will find wooden ships and lovely taverns in it’s atmospheric port. After enjoying the local fish, you can relax in the Turkish blue water, then jump in a water taxi, and enjoy the panoramic view.


7. Mount Pantokrator

Is the highest point of corfu with a 906 meter high peak, which you can either reach by car, or with a one-two hours walk from Perthia. The view is spectacular and from up there you can see the nearby islands, the Albanian coast, and on a clear day even the “heel of the Italian Boot”.


8. Barbati

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is Barbati. This stoney beach is a perfect location for snorkeling, the water is crystal clear and it’s never crowded.


9. Palekas

If you’re in Corfu, don’t miss a visit to Palekas where you can find the best spot on the island for watching the sunset from the Kaiser’s Throne viewpoint. Next to this you’ll find long sandy beaches near town.


10. Chalikounas

If luxury hotels and crowds aren’t for you, and you would rather explore untouched nature, then Chalikounas will be your favorite destination. It provides the perfect opportunity for surfing as its the windiest beach in Corfu. Besides the watersports, great location for hiking.


The places mentioned above we’ve located on the map so that you can plan your day easier.

From the airport you can get to town with bus number 5-6 . For a local transports and timetables click here.

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